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Exhibits 06:

Artificial Mimicry

by 劉大中 Tachung Liu

When you smell the damp smell, you can feel that the rain is about to fall. When I saw the shaking of the woods outside the window, I also knew that the wind was coming. This kind of pre-judgment phenomenon does not require a complete sensory experience to know the result. It seems that the specific senses are removed and separated, and the body's intuition can also be supplemented by other senses to feel the state that has not been touched by the real. It seems a trivial phenomenon, but it is intriguing.



Using mechanical principles to make static balloon bubbles swing naturally, just like a breeze passing through the exhibition space, making all the devices swing continuously. In the space, 20 sets of balloon devices are used to swing, and the direction and time of each swing are controlled through the program, so that the dynamic direction and force of the wind can be visualized, and then the existence of the wind can be visually felt.



A device about rain, a box filled with water, tap the bottom of different places through some mechanical structures below the box, so that the water surface ripples, it will be like a visual state of drizzling outside.

創作日誌 Working Diary

Artificial Mimicry

Artist: Ta Chung Liu

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