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Exhibits 04:

Zodiac Requiem

by 邱粱鈞 Diao Chiu

「殺人蜂安魂曲」是一座動力裝置,將胡蜂保存於樹脂中,以 6 支投射燈沿著橫置的「8」路線轉動,在空間中投射出胡蜂的影子。



2018 年,偶然取得了友人浸泡的胡蜂酒,成了這件創作的動機。「殺人蜂安魂曲」將胡蜂與蜜蜂生前死後所經驗的元素一字排開,胡蜂、蜂巢、酒、覓食舞、無限符號、樹脂標本,再重構為這一件不斷循環、週而復始的裝置,象徵掠食者、獵物的立場,經歷輪迴而融合、互換。

Zodiac Requiem 名稱取自美國的黃道十二宮殺手(殺手自稱 the Zodiac,本意為黃道十二宮),於 1960 年代犯下多起殺人案件,並以謎題的方式挑釁警方,似乎以此為樂。如果只有殺人能帶給他快樂,他的人生大概會是一場悲劇──他的快樂永遠建立於其他人的痛苦之上。

Zodiac Requiem is a dynamic installation that projects the shadows of wasps which are preserved as specimens by 6 projection lights move along the path of horizontal digit 8.

However, the dance of horizontal digit 8 is more likely to be the habit of bees rather than wasps.

Wasps and bees are totally different creatures. Wasps are strongly aggressive to other animals, while bees spend most time on collecting honey and building their society peacefully. Some wasps even attack bees, causing the people not familiar with them to misunderstand that bees are insect of cannibalism. Two similar species of insects, one is born guilty, and the other is good and nice through its whole life. Really ironic.

In 2018, I occasionally get a bottle of wasp wine from my friend, which motivates me of this project. Zodiac Requiem shows the elements from life and afterlife of both wasps and bees, wasps, hive, wine, waggle dance, the symbol of infinity, specimen, at the same time and restructure them into this installation, which goes round and round, runs cycle and cycle. It is a metaphor of predators and preys swapping their positions, merging through life.

Zodiac Requiem is named after the famous Zodiac Killer in America, who committed several homicides and provoked the polices by some tricky riddle in 1960s. Ze seemed to be pleased through doing this, which probably would make zir life an irreversible tragedy - ze can only be happy by causing pain on others.

If one could choose, would wasps still be willing to become a wasp?


Zodiac Requiem

Artist: Diao Chiu

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