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Exhibits 01:

DigiScape series

by 吳克軍 Ke Jyun Wu

DigiScape Series | 邁向標竿的互動系列作


2021,一句樸實無華的自我告白,配搭著洋洋灑灑的十條創作準則,DigiScape 在內湖誕生了。

創作一直是我消化情感與調節狀態的避風港,也是我對外彰顯態度的唯一管道,DigiScape 乘載了不同階段的我對於世事的見解與感受。可能是性格使然,專注於同一件事對我來說非常困難,喜歡游牧於各領域間的性格,也間接造就了現今的 DigiScape;一個橫跨設計、藝術與科技的系列作。

DigiScape 是由 digital 與 -scape 組成,原因很純 : digital 是因為我擅長;-scape 是因為題材多元。聽起來可能很膚淺,但對我而言,創作最重要的是:無拘無束,不畫地自限。


請置放板凳,與我一同見證。 (單押)

peace 🤞
DigiScape Series | Interactive installation series — on the way to the benchmark“

“ I want to reconnect with my muse of creation.”

In 2021, inspired by this self-murmuring, bringing along with ten straightforward creative principles, DigiScape was born in Neihu, Taiwan.

Creation has always been my haven, where I can digest my emotions and regulate my state there. It’s also the only channel to reveal my true-self to the outside world. DigiScape carries my opinions and feelings about the different stages of my personal journey across the world.

Due to my personality, it’s always difficult for me to keep focusing on the same things. Instead, I am inclined to wander among different areas, residing at the crossroads of art, design, and technology, which leads me to create DigiScape, a series that meshes the reality and virtuality of all these traditional disciplines.

DigiScape is a portmanteau word composed of digital and -scape: digital is the field I am good at; -scape is for the variety of themes. This may sound blatant, but the most important thing for me is to create arbitrarily, without any rigid limitation.

In addition to this self-willed statement, I also want to push myself to the limit seeing how much I can achieve.

Let’s witness together.

peace 🤞

DigiScape - Seabed

Type: Interactive design
Year: 2021
Material: Screen, Leap motion

DigiScape - Forest

年分:2O21 - 2O22
媒材:螢幕、Midi 控制器
Type: Interactive design
Year: 2021-2022
Material: Screen, Midi Controller
Music Design: Triodust, Chun-Yu Lung
Pad Design : Ting-An Ho

Inside/ Outside world is one of my favorite concept settings. The relationship and transition between reality and virtuality are very fascinating. Different from previous works, Lava and Seabed, DigiScape - Forest tries to clearly divide the scene based on two completely different visual vocabularies, so that/where the interactors can experience a strong impact when they transit between worlds.

DigiScape - Sea Sparkle

Type: Interactive design
Year: 2022
Material: Screen, Pad
Music Design: Triodust
Pad Design : Ting-An Ho

Blue tears, the mysterious blue lights spotted along Taiwan’s outlying Matsu archipelago, are the inspiration and core visuals this time.
Those magical phenomena of glowing water in the night deeply attract me.

DigiScape series

Artist: Ke Jyun Wu

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